Thursday, April 11

I learned 2 things today:
1. Start your HW more than 3 hours before it's due. Especailly if you haven't looked at it and don't know how much you have.
2. Give yourself more than 45 minutes to get to where the HW is due if you live 23+ miles away.

Now I'm sure you'll want the STORY behind this lesson. Today was my ONLY day this week to sleep in. So Sleep in I did. I got up around 10:00 this morning. I took a shower ate breakfast and at 11:00 I satrted my computer HW. (Which was due at 2:00) SO I sit down and start in on it. Next time I look up it's 12:00, ok. Just killed an hour doing work, great. SO I start in on the math part of it. I look up and it's 1:00! I need to be leaving in 15 minutes and I haven't started the lab yet! So the lab says it will take about 45 minutes (which is 40 minutes I don't have). All I can say is that I am glad I built my own computer and know how it runs. 10 minutes later I stappled the stuff together and flew out the door. I zipped off to school (at 60 miles an hour, it seemed it was "slow day" on the freeway today.) And sailed into the first parking spot I saw when I got on campus and ran half the length of the campus to the Business Office where they time stamped my work for me and I put it in the teacher's box. All with 7 minutes to spare.

So lesson learned, and you can't be SURE I won't be doing THAT again!



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