Friday, May 24

Hello everyone! It's time once again for a little feature I like to call: "Quote of the week"

Now for those of you IN the know this is the time where I think back on my week. (Ok, I'm done) And think of all the conversations I had with customers, and friends, and loved ones, and try to pull up a quote which made me laugh.

This weeks quote comes from a quick witted parent who was trying to tell their child about astrological signs at the cash register:

"Carly, those are signs. Like your mom is a virgo, I'm a sagitarius, your sister is a tarus and you... you're... ummm... you're adopted."

This was the guy I was ringing up at the time and I laughed so incredibly hard at that. (The daughter was obviously not adobted, as she was proclaiming loudly) That is today "QUOTE, of the weeek."



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