Thursday, May 23

A little Historical note:

May 23, 2002, on this day

In 1430 Joan of Arc was captured by the Burgundians, who later sold her to the English. Joan, born to a peasant family, experienced visions in which she was commanded by her favorite Saints to free France from the English. She accompanied a French army attempting to take the city of Orleans. Under her inspiration, the army was victorious and the city taken. After this the war turned in favor of the French. In 1430 Joan of Arc was captured by the Burgundians who were allies of the English and turned over to the English. They in turn gave her to the Inquisition where she was charged with witchcraft, condemned and burned at the stake in 1431. In 1920 she was made a Saint in the Roman Catholic Church.

Now something I don't understand, maybe it's politics and what not, but how come, a dillusional French girl from the 1400's gets made into a saint, for inspiring a fight, when the English HAD a rightful claim to the throne of France? How does that make you a saint? Does this BOTHER anyone else? I think the Catholic Church was just trying to get back at the English for the fact that the English Monarchy choose to be Protestant instead of Catholic and so made one of Englands, "worst enemies" (How threatening can a french girl from the 1400's be!?) a Saint.

This is why I enjoyed the movie "Joan of Arc" (The one with Dustin Hoffman) so very much. She was painted as a crazy girl.

While, the true hero of this era (I feel) gets overlooked more often than not. The "Black Prince", the Son of Edward the III, so the prince was Edward Prince of Wales. Got the title the "Black Prince" because of his black armor and the way the French felt about him. Brilliant military genius. At the age of 17 he helped to route the French in a 6:1 battle against his forces.

Long live the longbow!! =)

Ok... History lesson is done for today.



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