Tuesday, July 30

Hey everyone! More poetry! This one was, once again, written as I grabbed a line out of mid-air and proceeded to create it. Enjoy...

Can you?

Can you see in Dreams
The folly in my heart
Can you see my themes
lack order from the start

Can you see the King
He sits upon his royal throne
Can you see the Queen
She's in the garden alone

Can you hear the wind
Blowing through my heart
Can you hear the echo
As it races by dead hopes

Can you hear the cries
As they soar into the skies
Can you hear the rain
Falling upon the ground

Can you smell the fire
Burning in my soul
Can you smell the morning dew
Falling, as I dream in twos

Can you taste the victory
Of a dream in hand
Can you taste freedom
As you spread your wings

Can you fly
Can you run
Can you see
Can you capture
All of it in hand?



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