Thursday, July 18

Thanks to everyone who sent along consolations about the death of my bird.
Now let me say there is NOTHING, NOTHING that can cheer me up like a little get-together with the band and rocking it out. (Oh yes... it is good...) So that did some nice things for my feeling down. So now instead of my heart hurting, my fingers hurt instead. =)

The folks are gone again this weekend. You know, that would be cool, but I am working until Monday... sooo there isn't any real way to enjoy the fact that there are 2 less people in the house. Oh well.

I got new guitar strings for my Acoustic yesterday. And let me say "yuck". I will NEVER, EVER buy Elixir Lights again. The Heavies (while painful to play) have SUCH a better sound it's not really even funny. So now I am debating putting on the lights I bought for my Electric. I might just return the lights and get some mediums. Anyway, since you wanted to know that kind of guitar trivia about me...

Have a good night...

What are you all reading these days? I'm still working through George R. Martin's "A Game of Thrones". Very good stuff. Lent Dan my copy of the newest Bradbury book "One more for the Road"... How about the rest of you?



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