Wednesday, July 3

Well, here it is July 3rd... I somehow feel I should say something profound before the 4th of July... but I can't come up with anything. Soooo, what are you all up to? Not that I'm like, hard up for email or anything (NO... I ENJOY the 25+ junk emails I get a day) but you know sending me an email to be nice and friendly is ok. (Just one. Please! You know I'm good for it...)

In other news I have started to decor the room. So I have gotten 4 of the 6 swords on the wall. (Although I have my doubts about the Civil War saber hanging by my bed. It's heavy and I don't trust those nails.) Putting the swords on the wall makes me realize that I deffinatly need to add to the collection. I think I need a nice Claymore (or some other insanely long bladed weapon), a broadsword (Something big and fat, something that says, "You might not be able to lift me, but I look good on the wall!") and then finally to round out the whole weapons on the wall theme a nice big battle axe would finish up the collection nicely. (I have decided I am not hanging a sword above my bed due to head damaged that might occur.)

So I'm off to work now... I'll be back later though so don't worry. =)



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