Friday, August 30

Tonight found me roasting hotdogs over a beach fire for Jessica's "Unbirthday" party. Saw Anna for the first time in ages, she'll be going to Western next year, so that means I should see her some more. Saw Malia for the last time before she heads off to France for a quarter. I'll be hosting her pictures here on Tibennet so you can follow her adventures in France as soon as we get her set up with a Tibennet blog. Fun and excitement to insue there. Anyway, after the hotdogs were consumed, I whipped out the guitar and we sang some songs. Of course now my fingers hurt something serious for having played the guitar for something like 3+ hours today (almost in a row), so you can bet I'll be holding off on THAT activity again for a bit.

In other news I discovered I had a whole 3 more days of vacation time built up! So that means that I will get another 3 days off sometime between now and November. (Well 5 days off with 2 days off normally a week). But I'm not sure when. School starts the 23rd so after this week it's really pointless to plan a vacation, so I told my manager to just schedule in the vacation time as he sees fit. (So long as I get it... =) )

And of course a link to finish up the night: Animatrix: can I say wow? I will at least rent the DVD, and if it's cool, I will also own. Very tempting... very well done too by the look of it.



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