Wednesday, August 7

Well, just to let you all know, I survived day 1 of Cafe training! Not like I can make everything for you immediately, but given enough time and me looking at the chart I can probably make you what you want. The only thing I am having problems with are the shots. You have to pack the coffee in these things so that it takes baout 20 seconds to pour, and it seems that no matter how hard I push it comes to fast. Ahh well. Danielle on the other hand was a 1st shot perfection. She wasn't feeling too keen on her abilities in the cafe after yesterday I don't think, but she was doing just fine.

Cafe day number 2 starts today, so we'll see what 8 hours in the cafe tonight will do for my coffee making skills. (Oh, and a point of pride, I STILL haven't tasted a single drop of coffee.)



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