Monday, October 14

I had a funny thought just now as I was sitting here in class on 4 hours of sleep with my lab manual open. Harry Potter has been fairly popular for it's whole "wizard school" thing. But as I was sitting here I was like, you know, BCC North Campus is a lot like Hogwarts in many ways. What we are being taught here would seem like magic to a WHOLE LOT of people. And it's not like we don't have our fun too, I mean no one has organized anything yet, but I bet we could get some LAN games going, just like Quiddidgh. (my spelling of that is akin to a man hacking a marshmellow with an axe) Not that I really want to be assocatiated with a little wizard pop-icon, but the thought came to mind as I was working my "magic" here in the lab.



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