Sunday, November 17

Switchfoot was good... lack of sleep is bad. I am working and schooling tomorrow so I will have to sleep in until like NOON on Tuesday. But enough about my lack of sleep! The Switchfoot concert was great. It was at the showbox in Downtown Seattle. For those of you that don't know the Showbox is a small "venue" where they have abolished the idea of sitting (ever or at all) during a concert. So being as I actually had the tickets in my hand (as opposed to the 100+ people who didn't) I got to walk right in and get a spot RIGHT up front. I think I was a good 2 people from the stage. (Which with the press was about 3 feet or less) Great music. I am always impressed when a lead singer is also the lead guitarist. I can't imagine it being easy to solo on the guitar and sing at the same time. (But I could be wrong)

The band that proceeded them, Noise Ratchet, was loud and I couldn't understand a SINGLE word said during their part of the concert. And it seemed to me thet shoudl have called themselves something like, "Skinny Pastey White Guys in Concert". Their base guitarist made me laugh. (And not because he was INTENTIONALLY being funny mind you. I think he was trying to pull off "cool rocker" and ended up pulling off, "succeeding in looking funny while trying to look cool". He kept flicking his long hair around and jumping around. A friend of mine commented that he was just way into the music. I think he was trying to move his hair while playing so he could actually SEE the notes he was playing.

Well, Thanksgiving is coming. My brother's birthday is Wednseday (20th), so wish him a happy birthday when you see him.

Hope the weekend was good for you all, I'm out... more from school tomorrow!



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