Sunday, December 29

So I didn't get rid of the old design just yet, still with the green. But I didn't have time to change it. I was just tired of the snow and the nasty reds.

2 things:
1. I wanted a copy of the game "Apples to Apples" for my party on Tuesday, but everyone was out, and I wanted to get it at BN because, well I get a discount. But we were all out. So I checked the game table today JUST to make sure, and yep, they were gone. 15 minutes later as I am walking by what do my wandering eyes espy? That's right a returned copy of "Apples to Apples" I grabbed it and bought it.

2. My dad is really cool. Back in the start of the summer I bought a cable for my guitar that was sold "as is". So when I got it home it didn't work. I unscrewed a part of it and noticed that it was no longer soddered to the cable. It sat in the back of my car for months on end until I cleaned it out the other day. Upon doing this I tossed the dead and un-useable cable into the trash. Then the other night I come home from work to find a cable hanging from my door. It seems that my father found the cable in the trash, rescued it, soddered it back together and hung it on my door. Good as new. I was impressed.

Now I am going to go impress myself to bed.



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