Tuesday, January 14

The event of the evening (for me) HAD to be the "Wanna-be old-english rocker" guy that was in tonight. Picture this (or not if it's going to make you feel dirty): A guy like 17 (going on 57), tall, skinny (to the extreme) and about 6 foot 3 or something. Wearing tight black jeans, and 2 button down shirts. The first, the under one, was white, the 2nd was black. Both are open to about the point where his rib-cage stops. This guy had no muscles to show off, heck he didn't even have hair to show off, it was like a bunch of red zips. (Ok, borderline gross) His hair was the kind of beatles long flattened look. His feet however provided the entertainment for the evening. He was wearing cowboy boots that should not have been worn anywhere where they was a surface harder than, say wet cement. Everytime I saw him walk on the tile he would slip and have to steady himself. It was really kind'a scary the way he thought he was pulling off the cool "old-rocker" look.

Almost to the half-way point of the week... I will survive... hey hey...



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