Friday, January 17

"That was funnier than Hell." For some reason I got to thinking about this phrase today as a customer said it somewhere behind me. I got to thinking, "What's so funny about hell?" It's the place of eternal damnation and a lot of fire and aloneness and all that stuff. I sure don't find that funny. Now "Scary as hell" makes PERFECT sense.

I think, ultimately, what this comes down to is proveing that the american public doesn't think about a LOT of what they are saying. Even if it is classified as an "idiom" and just a saying that doesn't make sense. I think that is a common plague amongst us. We don't think about what we're saying. It just comes out as something we either 1. say a lot, or 2. hear other people say it a lot. Many people are like sheep in that respect. Just go with the verbal flow of things. (Which is Baaaaaaad) One cliche after another, until we get down to nothing but common reactions to common problems.

That is my random scary thought for the evening.



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