Thursday, February 27

My childhood is slowly dieing off. This morning Mr. Rogers died. There goes one of the biggest chunk of my childhood since the guy who played Captain Kangaroo died. This asks the question, what has happened to Children's television? Granted I don't watch a LOT of TV, and especially not children's TV at that, but it seems to me that from what I have seen that we're lacking that stuff that was so great from the earlier days of TV. I don't think big purple dinosaurs or big creatures with TV's on their stomachs really can take the place of an elderly gentleman who is grandfatherly. I think kids can make a connection, that lasts, with people more than they can with bright colorful and hugely plush creatures.

I think eventually when it comes down to it, my children probably won't be watching much TV if any at all. There just isn't anything on worth spending time on these days.



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