Friday, October 17

Some cool things...

I know that I am biting the hand that "feeds me" when I link to this stuff... but however: The new iTunes for windows is great. It's not just for buying music (as I thought it was), but it also has some SWEET radio feeds. I am listening to a feed right now ( and it is streaming at the same quality as an MP3 on my laptop! Plus iTunes has TONS of stuff, musically, you can buy so that if I ever want to buy a CD I never need to leave my laptop again. It's pretty sweet. Thanks to Nate for the linkup.

I'm back at work tomorrow at the CrAzY hour of 12, and I work until 8:30pm... effectively destroying any kind of social life I might pretend to have.

It's been raining here for a long time now... it just picked up again. I have to admit that I really missed that old rain stuff. It's great to hear it against the leaves of the trees again. Rain, how I have missed thee so!



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