Friday, May 7

just an FYI...

The first 1000 lines of the 1st Chromosome cover 17 pages of text, and when you convert it to binary it takes up 166 pages. Just thought that was an interesting little tidbit.

In case you're interested you can find the 1st 1000 lines (and more fun stuff) over here at *Sacred Texts Online Archive*. This kept me busy for a while. Some of it is just plain creepy, and some of it is just plain cool. (I mean where else can you find a *bunch of old ballads*?)

In case you're wondering where on earth I landed up with that link I found it while I was looking for information on the *Valkyrie Kara*. Who I found listed on the site **. (Which BTW has some interesting legend stuff on there.) Anyway, through *Google* I found a link to the *Volsung Saga* which supposedly Kara is mentioned in. (However I have yet to find it.) From there I clicked the link on the top that said "Sacred Texts" and found myself with a trove of fun stuff to read and look at.

I mention all this because I thought you might be curious as to how I got where I got to. (BTW: The link to came from Zana's website over there on the side-bar. (*usr/bin/girl*)

That is how Ben spends an interesting evening on the internet.

Added an hour Later: Well, it would appear that the Karuljoth, or the Lay or Kara is a lost work. Which is why I cannot find it anywhere. It seems that it is made reference to in the Helgakvitha Hundingsbana II and also in the Hromundar saga Greipssonar, but no one has actually seen the work. Which is a pity, because it sounds like it would be interesting. The story of how a swan maiden became a Valkyrie and the wife of Helgi Hjorvarthsson and how he accidentially kills her when she is flying over him in battle. Hmmmmm... sounds like good material for a story. (I can also see it having a pink cover with someone like Fabio on it. However, NOT the direction I was thinking of going.)



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