Wednesday, August 11

Flash flood, Tornado, and 2 free lunches

The lengthy weekend update didn't seem to hurt anyone, so now it's time to update you on this week thus far.

Monday: Work as usual and a tornado warning for this area. One tornado touched down some 40 miles north east of Denver. This was exciting. Dinner at Lisa's and a trip to the grocery store. I forgot Milk.

Tuesday: Work again, and a flash flood warning. All the rain, it seems, has saturated the ground and it won't take anymore. Head for the high ground. (Which is the north end of Colorado Springs) Free Taco Salad at work because they had extras. After work ate at Chick-fill-a for the first time (Eat Moir Chickin) good stuff. Great lemonade. Then paid 50 cents to see "Around the world in 80 days" at a cheap theater here. (50 cent Tuesdays!)

Wednseday: Helped upgrade some 3com switches. That was some good times. Did it in about an hour while everyone was at lunch. (Had to take down the internet while I did it) I haven't done that since I left the Cisco classes. Good thing to note: Some things (like falling off a bike) you never forget how to do. Hopefully that'll fix the problems we'd been having with the switches locking up. Post switches another free lunch. Chicken Tortia soup with chips and cheese and to round it out some carrot cake. I feel I am being spoiled. However you will not find me complaining about this. Also if they are trying to woo me into joining OC someday I think they are off to a good start!

The saga continues with the dogs. Last night I let them in to feed them (coming in and going out are no longer (much of) a problem) and the little dog (lady) bounces over to her bowl and sniffs at it. The bigger dog (Sarah) starts to nibble at her food. I go back inside the other part of the house and do some things. When I come back Lady is licking out the inside of Sarah's empty bowl while Sarah looks on with a somewhat baffled look on her face. Lady's bowl is still full. I escort lady out the door, refill Sarah's bowl and she proceeds to eat the contents of her bowl. Sarah is my favorite. I have to admit I have taken to calling Lady "the little beast". However their owners will never hear that from me...



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