Friday, April 15

Watch out for those... bees, yeah bees!

This morning I was walking to a classroom to fix a problem they had with sound, and as I round the corner, after coming through a garden here on campus, this rather large bumble bee (bumblus beeus) slams into my chest and then proceeds to head for my face, but decides to make a detour first and go into my jacket. I do some weird twisting and turning and flapping of my arms to dislodge the poor fellow, and then keep walking. Only to notice there is some girl walking slowly towards me with a really weird look on her face. She says hello and keeps walking. This made me laugh because obviously she had no idea that there was a bee flying around me so all she saw was the crazy-bee dance.

Hehe... I'm sure she'll have something to tell her friends later today.


1 comment:

  1. Actually, it was probably a Bombus species, possibly Bombus ruderatus, though I can't be sure from your description. : )

    But I do like your version of the species too.


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