Monday, December 5

Countdown: T-minus...

Sorry about lack of updates, I've been busy.

So, I applied for a full-time job at SPU, and they will be doing interviews next week. I guess the pool of people that applied for this job was pretty small (4 or 5?) people to begin with so my odds were fairly good from the onset. Today, however, the guy I worked for last year changed jobs and his old job opened up. It's not really a job I want, so I am happy to stay an applicant for the Helpdesk Assistant position, but I can bet that a couple (2 or 3) of the people interested in the job I am applying for now will change and apply for the open job in the Microteam. (Knowing a few of these applicants I can say they would change.) So, the pool of people I am competing with diminishes even more. Which is good for me. Plus I feel pretty content to stay where I am at right now, my new manager has a lot of great ideas and I like where he's thinking about taking the helpdesk.

Had my Latin final tonight. I won't be taking any more latin classes, so that was my last Latin final. (4 of 4 if you will) It'll be kind'a strange not having any Latin HW. Every quarter now at SPU I've had Latin.

Bio final on Wednesday and Traditional East Asian History final on Thursday morning. And a paper for Asian history due on Friday. (Which I hope to get done on/ before Thursday.)

In other news Lisa and I are going down to the Portland area on Friday/Saturday to do some shopping and to see a co-worker of mine from last year who got married over the summer. (Adam and Sydney Blinkinsop) Should be fun. A mini-vacation if you will.

It's back to studying now!


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  1. Ben will be latin-less. How do you say no more latin in latin?

    BTW: say hey to Adam for me!



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