Thursday, January 26

British Imperialism

I don't want to bash my ancenstry too much here, but British Imperialism was horrible! I don't want to go too far, but I'd say that communism in China is pretty much a direct result of it. Yay for greed! =P

This thought courtesy of a lot of history. BTW: If you get a chance to get to the Fry Art Museum over this next month you should try. They've got some amazing painting. (Had to go for class today (FREE PARKING!! In Seattle! Woooo))

Car goes into the shop tomorrow. I was quoted $413... I'm hoping they don't want to charge me more...


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  1. The thing about history is how different it looks now than when it was happening. We now look at things like imperialism and the crusades and wonder how they could do something so horrible. What I'm more curious about is what was the thinking at the time that made it ok, that justified the actions. I think only then will we really understand the systems and history itself.


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