Sunday, May 27

White blood cells down for the count, but rising

We've been told that anything under "500" is bad news for the white blood cell count(don't ask me the unit of measurement, so I won't have to tell you I'm really not sure). Yesterday Ben's count was .1, but today it is up to .3 so it has tripled! There's still quite a ways to go to a healthy immune system, but at least he's on the mend.

Yesterday Ben had a hankering for animal crackers, and was able to eat a few today. There was one that I thought was a hippo with fangs, but later I found out that it was probably a polar bear.

So anyway, Tuesday is still the estimated departure date, but it all depends on Ben. We're really encouraged to know that we're in so many people's prayers and we're resting in God's care. Someone at church this morning said to me, "I feel like I hold up pretty well during crisis. Actually, better than I do normally!" and I said, "That's because we rely so much more on God during crisis!" I don't know where we'll be at the end of this, but I pray that we'll practice the same priorities and be able to continue this reliance on God.

Ben's really looking forward to getting out of the hospital. I'm hoping that he'll be feeling well enough to spend some time outdoors and out of bed before his next chemo trestment.

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