Tuesday, July 3

An evening prayer request

I really hate airing my dirty medical laundry out in the open but I need some prayer for constipation issues in regards to chemo. Chemo kind of corks me up and a lot of the stuff they want me to take for it (pill wise) is HUGE, or makes me sick. I would like prayer that this would heal up. (It keeps me up at night)

In other news my white blood cell count today was at 5600. (4k to 10k is the "good" range) My platelets however were pretty low, so I don't know if that means my white cells will be coming down in the next few days or not. I get blood drawn again on Friday and will be discussing with my nurse if going to Ellensburg for my brother's wedding would be a good move or not. (Probably by then I would have crashed or not as Friday about 2pm is officially "Crash Time") We'll see though.

Tomorrow is the 4th of July holiday and I am hoping to make it over to my parent's house for a little Independence day celebrating, but as with everything else in my body right now that is an almost hourly wait.

Thanks so much for your prayers, for the truck, for my health, for Adam's wedding this weekend. It all means a lot to me to know you're all praying. Thanks for the support.



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