Sunday, July 29


Last night Lisa and I sat down to watch a movie and not 15 minutes into the film I got a migraine. The big problem (besides the insane pain) with this for me was that I had gotten a migraine the previous day in the hospital. The frustration continued. I spent a pretty painful night rolling around the bed, but I was able to take some meds this morning (sublingual morphine)that has taken the edge off the migraine. (Almost nothing works for my migraines when I get them. To have morphine available is great.

Anyway, I don't know if the chemo is causing the migraines or what but I could use some prayer. I haven't had back to back migraines... well ever I don't think. Most of the time it's 6 to 12 months between the nasty buggers. Anyway, any prayer for the headaches would be appreciated!

Should be setting the truck today as well! Which hopefully means that we'll be getting the new car tomorrow!

Thanks for the prayers and support!



  1. Weird--I joined you in migraining this time around. I wonder if it's weather related since we tend toward being barometer-heads anyways.

    I'm sorry for your head--I can relate, although I know my pain wasn't as bad as yours. Yay for morphine!

    We'll be praying for you!


  2. Anonymous9:46 PM


    First of all, let me thank you for being so diligent with your postings and letting those of us who don't live in your area to know exactly what's happening and what to pray for.

    Secondly about your migranes, I get migraines almost everytime there's a full moon (+ or - 1 or 2 days), there are articles about it and at first Riva thought it was all psychological but now she knows there is definitely a correlation. It has something to do with positive/negative ions in the air during the full moon phase, ask any nurse and they'll tell you they are extra busy during a full moon. Today (Sunday), the moon is full.


  3. Anonymous12:37 PM

    Hey Ben,
    Spent 4 days at Creation with some of the church kids and I was able to pray through some serious worship songs for you. Just wanted to share how much God loves you. I know you know it, but He wants you to feel it too. Even through all He's allowed. He is your strong tower. He is your joy. Keep leaning into Him....

  4. If you happen to read this comment part of Ben's blog, please pray for him. The migraine has been very bad. Lisa took him to the ER on Sunday night and then again today, Monday. Please pray for the cessation of the headache. I know this must be so frustrating to Ben, as he usually has a few good days before the "crash."

    Thank you for your prayers,
    Jenifer Morrell (aka: Mom)


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