Tuesday, July 17

Wheels of change

Lisa and I are consolidating vehicles. We're getting rid of both the truck and her Camry. The main reason is that they get the same gas millage and it would be nice to have something that does a lot better than we currently have. Plus the fact that we only use one vehicle right now and we don't need to own and be paying for the upkeep on 2 cars.

Yesterday we test drove 2 new cars. The Scion tC (which is a Toyota brand), and a Honda Civic Coup. Salesman wise the Scion guy was a mercenary, while the Honda guy was content to merely let us test drive. We had never even seen the tC before and this guy was pushing it on us like we'd been looking at it for months. I'm not sure if we're sure how we want to go on that front now, Honda or Scion, but they are remarkably similar cars. I hate dealing with car salesmen, this is why people buy used cars on Craigslist.

Today I actually ran some errands and dropped Lisa off at work. So I have more energy but I think I might be getting close to being tapped out for the day. Someone is supposed to come and look at my truck today. Hopefully he likes it and we can settle on a price and everyone will be happy and the truck will be gone. More bloodwork tomorrow morning and we'll see how those little platelets are doing. I'm hoping that they are elevated from what they were before, otherwise things could get interesting.

Anyway, thanks again for the support. I appreciate every prayer and word of encouragement I can get!



  1. Anonymous12:52 PM


    I am available to help you with any questions you have about vehicles or car buying. Having been a car salesman in a past life, I have a good understanding of their tricks and how to work them for the best value.

    Also, I had the same experience with Scion salesmen. I ended up getting the Toyota Corolla instead. I am looking to sell it, but I am not sure you two are intrested in a stick shift.

    Also, if there is anything Ruth and I can do, just let us know.


  2. I recommend the Toyota Prius, but I could be biased since I own one myself.

  3. I recommend the tC, but I have the same kind of bias as Ian (of course, we had been looking at it for months).

    Good luck!

  4. Go to Lexus of Bellevue and check out their "pre-owned" inventory. My folks like to buy their cars from there. We picked up a nice little mercedes SUV which we loved and fortunatley it saved our lives when an 18 yr old plowed into us with his Lincoln Navigator the day after thanksgiving. Needless to say it was totaled being hit by such a big car, but we were quite pleased that we were in that strong mercedes instead of our Ford Tarus when we were hit. :-) We couldn't believe the deal that they gave us on it when we bought it. People at that particular dealership are always buying bigger better things for some reason, so their preowned inventory is great b/c they're anxious to get "those" cars off their lot! Just an idea.... we like the peep's there too!

  5. Well, you know the feelings from Morrell's Used Civic Lot. It was pretty funny the other day when Adam's car was there too. It kind of looked like we were trying to "collect the whole set!" The new Civic is pretty spiffy. There must be a reason they are rated so highly by those who rate cars....

  6. Yep, we definitely LOVE our tC. But then, our salesman was great too, and not pushy at all. If you want to test drive again without the salesman, let us know ;-)


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