Saturday, March 15

Making it part of the way

Well, Lisa and I have made it safely through the first leg of our journey. We let around noon yesterday and arrived in Bend around 8pm last night. We had to modify our travel plans a bit because we wanted to avoid the snow. We went the "long route" around and enjoyed the views we saw. Keeping up with the "one picture an hour" thing so far as well.

Today involved a small little tour of Bend and we got to see some of the up and coming-ness of the area. Interesting... a little too land locked for my taste (IE: far from anything else) but otherwise an interesting little town.

I also fixed some computers around the house we're staying at as well. A laptop and a desktop, good times on vacation. (I must enjoy my chosen profession if I can go on vacation and do it as well!)

Tomorrow we'll be heading down to San Jose, should be a long drive. Once my phone recharges (And I get more than a half-bar of service) I'll be able to post some more pictures live from the phone. You'll have to wait for "real" pictures until we get back.

Many thanks for the continued prayers and to the Shaumloeffles (spelling on that?) for putting up with us this weekend.


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  1. Anonymous1:37 PM

    i am praying and that this trip will bring lots of joy and wonderful memories. have a momentous time and just think of all the wonderful things that the Lord will do on this trip.


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