Monday, August 18


On Thursday I started seeing a psychologist. (No, not like, "I see psychologists everywhere... only they don't know they're psychologists...) It was suggested by several people that seeing someone that could help me through some of the walls I throw up in my mind when someone starts talking about cancer might be a good thing.

The guy I am seeing was suggested to e by a pastor at church and so far I think I can see the merits of a psychologist. I could also see having someone who knew what kind of questions to ask and that I could speak honestly to (with more age and experience than myself) would be just as valuable. (Kind of like a mentor) At this point however the psychologist fits the bill.

We talked for an hour or so and at the end of the time he asked me a question that I have had rolling around in my head since then. (Head activity + semi busy schedule = no blog updates) He asked it completely neutrally so I can't say for sure if he was just asking a question or trying to discover something.

The question was, "Is it ok to be Ordinary."

I don't want to write anymore on what I think at this point, because I want to toss the question out, think on it a bit more, and then write a full post on it later.

In other things we had some friends from our small group over on Saturday night. They are from Columbia and we had a good time talking with them about all sorts of things. It really is fun to be able to talk with someone who comes from a different culture and to see how things are similar and different.

I am looking into a potential job change. I don't want to say much more at this point, but I would like prayer for wisdom about how I should proceed. I'm sure I'll write more on it later as I get closer/ have more details.



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