Sunday, September 14

No choice yet...

Hey Everyone,
We arrived in Denver just fine and made the trip down co Colorado Springs without any trouble as well. In case you're wondering we spent 5 hours yesterday looking at houses to get a feel for the city itself and to get some idea of what different areas are like.

We still haven't made a choice as of yet, mainly because I haven't seen the job yet. We went to a church this morning, but it seemed to be made up mainly of people that were a bunch older than us. If we decide to move down here we'll keep looking. (Suggestions are appreciated)

Today is going to be pretty lazy, and then tomorrow I'll be spending the day with OC and Lisa will be looking into some rental places.

Thanks for your support! I'll continue to try and post pictures occationally.


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  1. As much as I DON'T want you to move, I am praying that you and Lisa find out what God wants you do to with this whole Colorado thing.


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