Wednesday, September 17

The Old College Try...

(That title is for you Dan "Slider" McCurley)

The title comes from the time I was set to have a biopsy to find out what was going on inside me and the nurse was trying to get me to swallow a pill and she suggested I give it the "Old College Try". Dan and I have had a good laugh about that since then.

Anyway, we made it back safe from Colorado. Yep... Great trip. Weather was nice... What? Did you want to know something?! Oh, right... my potential job. How could I forget?

Since Lisa and I have talked to the people we felt needed to hear it first (no offense, but the blog isn't really the best place to deliver brand new information to people like your parents) I feel safe in writing here that Lisa and I are officially attempting to move to Colorado. I say "attempting" because I have to undergo a formal interview process where I fill out pages and pages of information, and then they get together a group of people to interview me. I am currently the only one in the "running" for this position (there was another guy, but he felt God calling him elsewhere) so it seems a pretty safe bet that we'll be moving to Colorado Springs. However, while Lisa and I are proceeding forward with this we are both still open to the option that it might not happen. Sometimes God calls us down a path and it doesn't work out for one reason or another. We're open to that as well.

Assuming I get this application done soon I am guessing that they will be "formally interviewing" me in about 2 weeks. So by October 1st we should know if we are going or not. We have hopes of leaving mid-October for Colorado at this point.

I have an appointment at this time for the 1st and the 2nd of October to have my Wisdom teeth removed. (1st is the pre-surgery appointment and the 2nd is the actual extraction) I'm not a big fan of surgery... but I am more confident about it since last November's "surgical escipades". Pray about that is appreciated.

Prayer is also appreciated for both OC and Lisa and myself as we try and figure this whole thing out. We'll keep you all posted as we progress! Time to start packing up the condo... again. (We tried it last time right before I got sick, April 2007.) Maybe the Lord will bless us with good health, and a clear path to Colorado this time! (Thank the Lord for the time I've been given!)



  1. I'm touched.

    ...I'm okay btw...

  2. Doesn't it feel like a lifetime ago since April 2007? I think it really is. You and Lisa are packing this time as very different people then you were the last time. For one thing, I can see you now as very best friends. Severe illness tightly bonds the sick one and the caretaker--not that you weren't tight before, but a much stronger team now. And, I think, prepared for the ministry you are being called to.

    Yes, Dad and I are very sad to have you move away, but God calls us as parents to let the birdies fly from the nest. In this case, the nest seems to be the Greater Seattle area.

    We continue to pray for clear direction and provision for you move. Maybe someone out there in blog-land would like to purchase a cute little condo within walking distance of Microsoft!

    May God bless the adventure in which He is leading you!



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