Tuesday, October 7

Apple? Really?

It's been said that Mac computers are more expensive because they are generally better designed. Ok, I can agree that the Mac Book Pro that I own is built very well and such. This however is ridiculous: Want to upgrade to 4 gigs of RAM? That'll be 400 dollars please. But wait?! Why would I do that if I can get the exact SAME ram for 70 dollars somewhere else?

Hmmm... I hope I saved someone 330 bucks just now.



  1. Yes...it can be said that mac memory is possibly more expensive than other ram. But you have to take into account that it's ECC ram...and that the packaging is made out of gold.

    I NEVER buy apple ram. The one time I did I figured that I had paid my "stupid tax" for the year and should be set.

  2. At least be glad that you're MacBook Pro can even handle 4 GB of RAM. My 2.33 GHz 17" MBP (introduced end of 2006) has 2 slots, but can only access 3 GB of RAM, even if you put two 2GB sticks in. Either way, Apple memory is still way overpriced.

  3. We always buy our ram from newegg [dot] com. And laugh at how much Apple charge to "upgrade". Glad you didn't fall for their silly trap. We told the sales person when I was buying my laptop that we would upgrade it later, then he proceeded to tell us that we would destroy the laptop if we did that. Horrible salesperson. (We also wrote a letter to the manager of the store telling him he was pressuring us into buying all sorts of extraneous stuff!)

  4. Anonymous8:08 AM

    What you would be paying for is someone to 'expertly' install and test the memory and that is not cheap. At this rate it is $1320/hr.


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