Friday, November 28

A week of Thanks [Day 5]

Today I am thankful for medicine! (In the general sense: IE: the study of, not anything specific, like hydromorphone.)

Medical staff: The Lord has blessed my life through the service of many medical staffers. From students, to Doctors, and especially, Nurses. While not all of them were especially easy to work with, they were all out to make my life better. What kind of special calling is that, to do a job whose goal is to save lives. Granted I help people in a service related field, but what I do is nothing like what they do.

Thank you Father for amazing medical staff! Bless them richly!

I am also thankful for the "geeks" (engineers) who created the medical equipment, or chemicals (looking at you Wes) who 1. saved my life, or 2. will help people in the future.

God has blessed a lot of people with a special kind of technical creativity and the applications are so many and I am thankful for the time and place I live in that I can take part in that.

So if you are a doctor, medical student, or nurse (past, present or future) thank you.



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