Tuesday, January 6

Condo 2.0

Lisa and I are doing better! I thought I posted something yesterday about new glasses, and my meeting with the eye doctor... but it appears I didn't. Anyway, I went to the eye doctor, they ran me through all their tests and said my eyes look great. Errrr thanks. The doc wrote me a new prescription and we headed to Lenscrafters where we waited an hour two hours for a new set of glasses. Aaaand I went a whole day today with new glasses AND working without getting a migraine! Thank you for your prayers and support as Lisa and I have worked to figure out what is causing the problems with my head.

Work! FINALLY, I was able to get back to work! Oh it was sooooooooo nice to work again. It's nice to finally have the option to do something other than lay in bed. I mean I felt like God called me to Colorado Springs to do work with OC and make life easier (digitally) for the missionaries that work with OC. Thus being able to work all day and get a good idea of the stuff I'll be working on for the next year was really, very nice. Nothing like a little enforced time away to make you realize you really miss something.

We've been looking at houses/townhomes and condos since we moved down here (lots for sale, not many buyers) and on Friday night Lisa and I both toured a condo that is for sale that we were actualy pretty impressed with. She went back with our Real Estate agent this afternoon and took pictures of it in the daylight and got a second opinion of it. We both like it, we're just going to sit on it until we come back from Seattle and see if 1. It's still there and 2. If we still like it. The price, however, is right. More than twice as big (1800sqft vs 800sqft) as Condo 1.0. We like the kitchen and there are rooms enough for guests, and enough space to throw a party if we wanted to! So yeah, if you happen to see us while we're in Seattle we'll probably have pictures if you are interested... but yeah, we'll be in Seattle. (Lord willing) It's exciting to be looking at a new place to live, to settle into a little more and call it "Home" here in Colorado Springs.

Funny though that of all the houses and townhomes we looked at that we ended up seriously considering a condo. Meh. I guess the thought of spending weekends working on the house/lawn/yard doesn't appeal to us at all. We prefer to spend time with people. Maybe someday if we "grow up" we'll get a house with a yard/lawn where we can make our Children do things like mow it.



  1. Meh, I had to look up that one. Ok, it's like "blah". Uh, yeah you're really not missing out on anything w/ the yard and stuff. When God led us to this house, on 1/3 of an acre we were so excited to have land. Having land is so "meh" when you have two little babies, a husband in the IT field who works long hours and goes to school on top of that. The exterior of our house has gone to pot. We're just trying to get our interior looking not so 1987! Ok sorry for the long random blog post...once again. On to blog about "not so 1987".

  2. When we went from the Bothell house to the Bellevue house, one thing we really liked about the new house was better entertaining space. I would think you guys need that too. I'm trusting that the Lord will lead you to the perfect place for your needs, just as He has done for us in all of the places we've lived.


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