Saturday, January 24


So the offer we made last night, after going back and fourth a bit today, is still out there. They have an open house tomorrow but I'm not sure if I want to play the "we're going to wait until after Sunday to see if we get a better deal" game. Our thoughts are that they will probably reject the offer, so we'll keep looking. But we haven't heard back yet... so we don't know.

Lisa and I got invited to a game day today at a friend of her's from EMI. It was kind of funny but almost everyone there had been on a trip with EMI or was working with them. We had a good time, met some new people, and ate pizza. (For some reason I wrote people instead of pizza...)

Now we're just waiting. It's been a good Saturday for resting though!


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  1. Sometimes, no, often, we have found that God's answer is, "Wait." Wait may mean He has a better place for you, or that He's not done preparing these folks to accepted what you have offered. Don't be offended by their wanting to go through with their open house. Of course they want top dollar for what they have invested in. I guess I don't see this as a closed door yet, although it may be. Wait and trust God to take care of your needs.


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