Tuesday, February 10


At the risk of this becoming a food blog *NSBITStaff:"Too late"* I present you with a picture of dinner tonight. I was quite proud of it so I felt the need to share. Mushroom Pork chops with a lettuce wedge with Roquefort dressing adorned with cherry tomatoes and bacon. The addition of bacon, I will say, had nothing to do with reading this blog post. Honest.

I am now enjoying a bowl of Butter Pecan Ice-cream. If that seems like a lot of fat content it probably is. But I didn't eat for 2 days while I had my migraine, I have some stores to replenish... and I don't always eat like this. (Generally only when I am feeling creative... it, ummm, burns more calories!)



  1. Whoa...the boy eat mushrooms? If so, ever made Chicken Marsala? I did the other day (with lots of 'shrooms) and it was quite yummy!!!

  2. I'm starting to enjoy your food posts. You've almost inspired me to cook something. =]


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