Sunday, February 15

Sunday Lunch

Once again attempting to be creative when I cook: lunch today was a stuffed acorn squash, loosely based off of a recipe on It was far tastier than I thought it would be, and actually kind of regret putting it off for the past few weeks.

I also got creative and boiled some Yukon Gold potatoes up and mixed it with the gravy from the Mushroom Pork Chops we had last week, added a touch more sour cream, mashed them all together and added some freshly cut green onions and I made myself a kind of "Dirty Mashed potatoes". (Added some garlic powder as well at last minute) I probably could have just eaten those potatoes for a meal, but that probably wouldn't have been very healthy.

Tomorrow morning (as a holiday from work) means I'm attempting Buttermilk Waffles... probably with either apples, nuts, or anything else I can get my hands on to put in them. (Red Bell Pepper?) The plan on making up a bunch of waffles and freezing them. This way I have my own quality freezer waffles whenever I feel like it.

Wow... ok, this is turning into a food blog. I'll write something about what work is like for tomorrow's blog entry. Thanks for putting up with food stories! (BTW: That was one thing I really wanted to do after cancer was cook again, so in a very real way me getting to cook and be adventurous with food is a dream that God has allowed me to fulfill post-cancer.)

Thanks for the continued support and prayers!



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