Tuesday, March 3

My to-do wall

Just a little sneek peak at my board at work reminding me of almost everything I have to do. (Not all of it)



  1. Does your board help? I'm trying to figure out a way to keep things before me that I need to do. Notes kept in small electronic devices don't work for me. Neither do things that pop up on Outlook. I think I want something that is before my face all the time, so I wondered how your board works for you.

  2. Anonymous3:11 PM

    I love my board. I didn't realize it until I got this job but it has helped me a lot. To be able to erase stuff, format it, doodle on it, draw connections between things, use different colors, write big, write small... yep. Works well for me. Especially as I am seated so I stare right at it.


  3. Oooo...colors are nice! Maybe someday when I get an office, I'll get a board. Evidently, Dad has already been thinking about getting board of his own before he even read your post. Weird...DNA is a funny thing.


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