Thursday, March 19

Oh computers!

The following exchange happened between myself and my tech (Larry):

Larry: i am looking in the avg virus vault on wm and it found a virus on 06/22/2014
Ben: Wow... good to know!
Larry: in 2014? what is this, back to the future?
Ben: Well, it must be really bad if AVG traveled back from the future to warn us about it.

I think we'll keep AVG, they come back from the future to warn us about bad viruses. Take THAT crackers hackers! (Which now that I write that I understand why people say "hackers" to mean "bad computer people". When I say "crackers" it makes me sound like I am making some sort of slur.)



  1. Anonymous8:32 AM

    Wow, they have that time travel thing down pretty good. I heard they could send code back a few years, but wow over 5 years now. Some day they will be able to send a message back to ARPA and maybe all of this will just stop.

  2. Yes, if only it was public knowledge that cracker really was referring to a bad hacker.


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