Sunday, May 17

Shiny new set of wheels

Lisa and I had been talking back and fourth about the merits of bringing a second vehicle in our lives. Something with some 4x4 action that would allow for winter driving. Instead we decided to go with a different set of wheels. This baby really smokes!

So, joking aside Lisa and I did sink some cash into a new Grill that not only grills, but it smokes food as well as other things. (Like baking!) They were having a deal so we upgraded it as well so it has a digital thermometer on it. We can now set it at a temperature, like your oven, and it'll keep it that temp! Cheating! You may cry, and that may be the case, but I will be enjoying BBQ in the middle of winter now.

Of course half the reason we got this is so we can grill for friends and family, so if you happen to fall into any of those two categories we will be more than happy to invite you over for some adventures in wood smoked/ cooked food.

I'm dying to try brisket on this thing, oh and ribs! I can get a good smoke/ slow cook on those ribs and oh boy! I'm sure you'll see pictures of them in the future here, so stay tuned. I mean the summer is coming, and I have more than a few days off next weekend... It might turn into a grilling weekend.

P.s. Niko likes the new grill as well. (We just won't tell him what it's for)



  1. Anonymous5:58 PM

    I knew it!!! There is some Texan in you deep down. I am so proud I could cry...


  2. Anonymous6:02 PM

    Thanks... You'll have to come find an excuse to enjoy this sometime!



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