Monday, June 15

Cooking and IT

I can see where someone might look at my work (and hobby) of IT and say, "Where does cooking fit into that, skill wise?" It's kind of funny I guess to think about cooking and IT in related fields, but it's true really. Software and hardware can be combined in a lot of different fashions, just like food. And in some cases it doesn't work out. Then you've got to trouble shoot the problem and see how you can make it better. (Both in food and software) When creating something new or thinking about combining things you have to know how they react together, or at least have a guess how they will react together. Also, at times, it's about following instructions. Put the board here, install this, now add the eggs and bake for 30 minutes on 450. (No idea what I just made there, but actually MIXING IT and cooking is probably a fairly bad idea... at least in the hardware field.)

Just a few thoughts before bed. Found a potentially great blueberry muffin recipe tonight... will have to try it. It's touted as the "best" and several reviewers agree. We'll have to try it out.


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  1. I see your IT and cooking interests as a fun mix of Dad and I. I'm also think it's funny that you were never interested in cooking as a boy growing up. Now you are living up to the Christmas ornament (baker) that I don't think you appreciated as a kid!

    You're right--muffins can be FAR more lethal (fat-wise) than some cupcakes!!


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