Thursday, December 17

Two a day

Ben requested I update tonight, being as he's been very nauseous.

On Tuesday Ben's sister Beth and long-time friend Ian both arrived. Beth is here for Christmas break and Ian is stopping by on his way driving across the county, moving from Massachusetts to Washington It's been a full house but we've enjoyed having them both here. Ian, the saint, has spent about 14 hours with Ben at the infusion center over the past couple of days (with Ben throwing up fairly consistently) and kept him company in the evenings too. I think Beth will have her turn at the infusion center soon :)

Today was rough for Ben because after being at the infusion center for 5 hours and receiving his normal chemo he was told that his platelet count was high enough, and that he would start on a Temodar infusion (a different chemo drug)... that day. Not only that but the Temodar infusion would run for the full 5 days, so he'll be the infusion center every day through Monday. At least he won't be there Christmas, but still, I think that means he'll likely be feeling crappy the entire time his family is visiting.

On the bright side, he ate dinner tonight... and kept it down. Since he's lost 2 pounds a day the past couple days this is pretty important!

Beth and I have been having a relatively good time. I went to my office's Christmas party at lunch (fun, because I do like my co-workers) and then drug Beth along to Ben's colleague's housewarming party this evening. I also like Ben's co-workers :) Happy conversations, in a rented house full of antique Chinese furniture!

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  1. Phew - I am SO glad you like Ben's colleagues, Lisa... ;o)


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