Thursday, December 16

Supportive care

While support care seems to be filled with nice people (their job is to help ease the side effects of chemo) they do seem to like their drugs. I came away with three new drugs to take in the morning (everyday) plus taking one of them 4 times a day, and another one 2 times a day. Plus another one to take at a different point in the day. Plus I have the stuff from pulmonary I need to do twice daily, and the stuff the eye doctor has me doing four times a day as well.

I have to confess that last night I was writing all this down and I kind of broke down and had a little bit of a freak out session about taking drugs and pills, etc. (With only more in sight)

Also last night I tried for 7 hours to fall asleep before getting off to an uneasy sleep where I woke up panicking about the dream I was having. Combined with the previous night's "wake up every hour coughing fit" and I am running on empty here. Hopefully this problem will come to a conclusion soon. I covet your prayers.



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