Friday, February 11

Cheddar cheese bread straight from the oven

More pictures to follow as it is cut.

The recipe can be found on the King Arthur Flour website I probably don't need to tell you I troll this website quite often.

A few changed: The original recipe called for Gruyere cheese, but I think that is too expensive and rich to be putting that much in a bread, so I just used simple sharp aged cheddar. (Which I like the taste of better than Gruyere anyway) It came out fantastically. I think next time though, I might just leave it as one loaf and cook it. (I haven't tried it yet) A LOT of the cheese spilled out while cooking, and it might have been better if it had no where to go and infused more of the bread with cheddar. The bread however was really good despite that.

OH, they also call to do the starter over night, I didn't. I started this at 9am something, let the starter sit for 4 hours, made the dough, waited 2 hours, then flattened it and rolled in the cheese, let the loaf sit for about an hour, and then baked it. Then it got to sit for almost 2 hours before being eaten. (I think the sitting was key to letting the cheese firm up and everything setting down. It was still warm at that point, but nothing was molten.)

You'll probably see this in our next cookbook.

It was also fun to get back in the kitchen and do some cooking again... even if it was MDA style cooking (the kind where you wait, and wait, and wait... )



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