Wednesday, February 9

A fun diversion

Yesterday after all the waiting (bridge to nowhere) as we were heading home we were talking about food options for the upcoming week and I mentioned I had a craving for some really good bagels. (Like the kind you can't get in most grocery stores) We decided to swing by HEB's Central Market. Not too far from the hospital we happened to be driving away from, so we corse corrected and ended up at what is probably the most amazing grocery store I have ever been to.

The variety in food types is simply amazing. There were two times during our trek through the store (it's kind of setup like an Ikea where it guides you through the whole store with a certain flow of layout) where I stopped and just smelled the air. The first was the massive row of apples. A huge variety of apples and they were all very strong smelling. Sweet and crisp and ranging from bright green to dark reds and lots of color combinations in between.

The other place I stopped to "take in the air" was the bakery. (Where I got my fresh bagels)

It was really nice to be able to get out and spend some time with Lisa as we walked around the store talking and ooo-ing and ahh-ing over all manner of small brand names we have never seen before. (Or for that matter products we've never seen before) If you come to visit us we'll have to take you through there, it's a lot different from any other grocery store we've ever visited. For Lisa and I it's kind of like the way some people go to the mall and have a good time shopping.

Thanks for the support team. The medical bills have started to arrive. We'll see what kinds of huge numbers I can hit for this past month. (I always wonder if anyone actually pays those amounts. Wouldn't a 36k hospital stay bankrupt just about everyone staying in the hospital? And the insurance company doesn't even pay that much to them... something seems wrong with the system.)



  1. Oh! and the tortillas! We are sadly without the awesome HEB tortillas up here in the northwest. ;-)

  2. Anonymous10:17 AM

    I'm sure we could work up some kind of trade. HEB tortillas (frozen and shipped) for some commodity you have in Seattle we don't have here... =)


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