Monday, April 18

Today's Lunch

Cheese bread (second time around, this time with a touch of garlic in the dough) and Pea Soup.

When I make bread for lunch (this only being like the second time) I generally find myself getting up early to care for it which is kind of nice, but for some reason most of the night previous to having to get up early to tend bread end up being fairly sleepless nights and/or hard to get to sleep. So after tending the bread I also tend a headache and generally take a nap on the couch. I find it worth it in the long run, it's just rough at the time. (Huh... is there perhaps a lesson in making bread? Maybe I'll think that over when I am not so tired.)

Aside: generally these next few days before chemo starts I don't have any problems burning the candle at both ends as a lot of the chemo time is spent sleeping or napping. Not sure how healthy that is, but it gets more done before I go down.

Thanks for the prayers!

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