Thursday, May 26

I might not remember...

Darn chemo brain. I can tell right away that that I am going to forget to follow up with the doctor(s) until Tuesday of next week about my blood draws. Oh well.

We didn't have to go to the hospital today. Seriously, it felt like the first day of summer vacation. We did have to go to the Honda Dealership though. We had a tire that wouldn't stay inflated. After 30 minutes of waiting they came out and told us that there had been a nail and they had fixed it. Gratis. I was pretty sure (after 38k+ miles on those tires) that they were going to come out and tell us that we needed to replace all 4 tires. Instead they fixed the problem free of charge, even washed our car, and sent us on our way saying that the next time we have scheduled maintenance we should probably get the tires changed.

Lets see, what else is going on... Our townhouse closes on Tuesday at 1pm. (MST) Lisa and I are getting all the papers signed up and delivered tomorrow morning. Then we are free of the bonds of house ownership. And despite the fact that we didn't get as much as we would like from the sale, we did come out with some money. And the fact that we won't be paying to live in two places will mean we can stash that cash away for later times when we might want to do something fun with it... or perhaps just live off it if we need to.

This past week I went to see the "Rehabilitation Services" folks again (Physical Therapy) and they declared me "cured" of side pain. That is right ladies and gentlemen, with a little bit of special tape and squeezing my side that terrible pain I had been enduring for months, is gone. Moral of the story: if the doctors just say, "Take more pain killer" that should probably be our cue to see someone else if the pain persists. Praise the Lord that that worked. (The doctor I was working with said she wasn't sure what was wrong or if the tape would work, but it has worked MARVELOUSLY well.)

No doctor's appoints until well June 8th right now... but I think they want blood before then. (It's what I need to follow up on... but that won't happen until next week. I'm enjoying this whole "not going to the hospital" thing. Is this the freedom most of you live with!?)

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  1. Another great physical therapy story! I have to tell the niece Janelle (Sydney's sister who got her DPT down here at UTMB)! That's wonderful.

    And after our chat the other day, I discovered I have a follower of my blog who is a guy living in South Africa! How bizarre....


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