Wednesday, September 14

Chemo? No.

Lisa and I were wondering what was going to happen today when I went in for a blood draw. I was scheduled for blood and chemo starting at 10am. That was of course if my platelets were high enough. Generally when I am on the platelet drugs they go up, maybe slowly, but they do go up. We both were thinking that with the time they allowed for the drugs to work that I'd be very "on the line" when it came to getting chemo. 93/94 was what we were thinking they'd be at. Low enough that the doctor would think about starting or not.

We were sitting in the lobby waiting for news and I got the call and they said, "Platelets are at 75." Lisa and I looked at each other and packed up our stuff and headed out.

It's been interesting because last Wednesday they were at 66, then on Saturday they were at 60, on Monday they had climbed up to 77, and on Wednesday they had fallen again to 75. We had been asking God for clear direction about starting chemo or not and it seems like we got our answer. There wasn't any vagueness when it came to doing it or not.

(The reason we are needing to get it in and started now, versus later, is that we are renting a beach house in Galveston and all our siblings are coming down to visit us and I wanted to be clear of chemo effects by then.)

So I guess I've got some free time. Thanks for the support and prayers!

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