Saturday, September 10


Wanted: A few people to engage with me in a project of rather enormous size and undertaking. I have decided that for the next year (starting November 1st) I am going to try and read the bible for an hour a day. That's going to be 365 hours in the bible over the next year. I would like some of you to join me on this journey. I'm not going to be locking myself into some kind of reading plan that everyone can follow along with, I am just going to be reading and studying the Bible.

If you want to join me it doesn't really matter to me if you do it in two 30 minute blocks, or four 15 minute chunks, or all in one sitting... or perhaps change it up as you find one way works better than another.

I would like to find a few people who would commit to joining me (probably about seven) where we can keep each other accountable for reading. I would also like to ask those people that join to contribute once a week to a blog lightly detailing what they are reading and something that has stood out to them over the past week of reading.

I know this probably seems huge, and yes, to do this you will probably need to sacrifice something to make this work. This isn't a "five minutes in the Bible a day" reading plan, this is a "wade in and spend some time in God's word and see what he has to say" reading plan.

I'm not going to say it won't be hard, but I think God wants to speak to us and in so many ways we are so "busy" we rarely feel/hear His calling until something massive happens (like, cancer) and we cry out to God to figure out WHY, when most likely the "why" was/is that God wanted to speak to us in some way or another and He couldn't get our attention any other way. So, let's give Him our attention and see what He has to say.

Who's with me on this adventure? (Email me if you want to join)

P.S. Happy Birthday Lisa!

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