Friday, November 11


I get told a lot/ asked a lot "Is there anything we can do/ let us know if there is anything we can do to help!" Well, it looks like something has come up:

I got some semi tough news this past week: I learned that the health insurance (Anthem) I get through my my company has dropped me as no longer eligible. OC has appealed my case and Anthem has continued to state that I am no longer eligible for health insurance for the fact that I am working ten hours a week and on disability. They seem to grasp being sick, and working X number of hours, but they don't register that you might be in BOTH situations, so they default to the working situation.

As such my company is moving me to Cobra medical insurance and will continue to help make payments on that, and then after 18 months they'll have to look into another option.

Because of my situation the past two years I have contributed to a 29 percent increase in OC's health insurance costs this upcoming year. (Which comes to about 86k next year) Because of this rise in costs/ change in situation OC has asked me to talk to family and friends to see about raising some additional funds to help cover the cost of my health insurance.

There are a lot of you that read this blog, have been praying for me, and supporting Lisa and I in many different ways over the past three to five years. We thank you so much for your help and generosity, and we'd like to ask for some extra help in offsetting the cost of my treatment.

OC's been doing a great thing in helping make life SO much easier for Lisa and I, I would really like to repay the favor by imploring you, as my readers and supporters, to think about making a monthly donation to OC towards my increased medical costs.

Please think it over and help? (Hit up the link for more details)

Thanks team!

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  1. But if you could somehow work 30 hrs, while Anthem might again consider you an employee, Disability would drop you, right? In which case, you probably wouldn't get the caliber of care to which we've become accustomed... Right?

    Basically, you were getting income form Disability, and insurance from OC?

    What about OC's Short Term Disability and/or Long Term Disability Insurance? What medical coverage is expected when one uses those insurance safety nets?

  2. Anonymous1:54 PM

    Right. I can work and get health insurance, or I can collect disability and get health insurance. For Anthem there is no "mixed" territory there.

    I went on short term disability with OC's insurance when I first got sick. That ran out after a year, and I am currently on long-term with OC's disability insurance. That is the disability that is letting me work 10 hours a week and stay on disability. (The "Get back to work" program or something like that.) It's what made Anthem decide I was "working" and not "disabled".

  3. I an definately in. Let me know how to do this to make sure you are credited.

  4. Anonymous8:15 AM

    Hit up the link towards the bottom that says help. Plus there is a link up at the top that says Help!



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