Friday, June 29

Quetzacotlus sized update

Welcome back! ("But," you're saying, "You're the one who has been away, not me!" to which I reply: have I?)

I've been doing a lot of "mico-posts" posting lately via things like Google Plus, Twitter, and Facebook. Smaller stuff that doesn't generally get it's own post, and since medically things have been quiet, and because of that my schedule has been a little more busy in the work arena I haven't "big" posted a lot.

Last weekend we had some friends from Dallas down. We went to the Houston Museum of Natural Science (HMNS) and saw their new "Hall of Paleontology"(which was very well put together. My mind still reels from the size of the Quetzacoatlus. Frankly anything with a 33ish foot wingspan and the possibility to act anything like Niko scares the living daylights* out of me.) as well as the standard rocks, shells and butterfly exhibits. Above is a picture of my personal favorite in the mineral category (also, interestingly enough the state mineral of Colorado) Rhodochrosite.

*Funny, I have heard this phrase most of my life and I think this is maybe the first time I have typed it. I really have NO idea what it means...

Lisa also found a fossil she wouldn't mind hanging in the house. And while I agree it is cool, it also didn't have a price-tag... and considering it's in a museum I don't suppose that they would be willing to part with it for anything less than a "sizeable" donation. (Interesting note: the largest pure chunk of Rhodochrosite (The Heart of Alma) used to be in the Denver museum until someone bought it from them... which leads me to believe that everything has a price tag.)

Our friends made us fajitas the following day and Lisa learned how to make tortillas, which were pretty amazing.

Then at the top of this week I was leading a few interviews for a job that we were hiring for at OC. We hoped to find another IT person to replace part of one we are loosing, and allow for our current in-office IT guy to do things like go on vacation or have a sick day. We wrapped those up this past week and on Wednesday came to a choice about that. We're sending them the job offer this morning, so we should know fairly soon if that person is a go or not. I've never conducted interviews before and frankly I really learned a lot about the process and really enjoyed the experience. Being as we hardly ever hire people at OC I don't imagine this is a skill that will get a lot of use, but I wouldn't mind doing some more of it. It's a fun combination of trying to get to know someone based off the information they have given you, and get their good and their bad work related traits in a short period of time with questions that make them think, or answer your question in a way they haven't done so before. It was fun.

Then yesterday I had a temporary crown put on the spot where my tooth was root-canaled a few weeks ago. (Remember THAT epic?) I should be good to go in the tooth department for another six months to a year before I need to get a permanent one put on. We'll see how stuff shakes out in September when I have my next scan.

This weekend we are playing host to some friends we met while living in Colorado Springs who became missionaries in Laos. We'll get to catch up with them and enjoy their company this weekend as well as try to drum up some support for them at church.

Then we were planning on heading out for Colorado sometime in the next few weeks, but we've been on the fence about it with the fires. Currently, we are leaning towards going, but we won't know for sure until probably leading right up to the day we were planning on leaving.

Medically I'm not entirely sure where things are at right now. I'm mending slowly. It's been about 14, maybe 15 weeks now since I last had chemo. My hair started growing back a few weeks ago, and I have been SUPER tired the past week. I slept 12 hours the other night and then went to bed early last night. Prayers for the mending of my body would be great. We're about to push it with Colorado and Seattle and I would like to avoid any and/or all trips to the hospital, ER, or even seeing a doctor.

Thanks for the support, you'll most likely be seeing more from us as we attempt to embark on our adventure.

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