Thursday, September 20

Where I'm at,

The past few days on top of being dizzy and in pain I have somewhat thrown myself into finding things "to do", especially when I'm not sleeping. (Which is, sadly enough, a decent chunk of time these days. (I generally get in two naps and go to bed without many problems))

The past few days we have had our windows open because it hasn't really gotten above the mid 80's and it's actually dropped into the 60's one time. Last night we ate dinner out on the balcony and enjoyed the weather, and then when Lisa went for yoga I went out there to listen to some music and read, and ended up listening to some music and sleeping. About this time of year, and then in the spring are really times that you want to visit Houston. You can do things and not die of the heat.

I guess what I was saying earlier is that I am trying kind of hard to not think about where this pain comes from or why I have it. Tumor growing around my heart isn't comforting in almost anyway you put it. Thank you for the prayers and support.

I mentioned the other day that this was the first free fall that Lisa and I had had in a few years, and she traced it back for me, so I thought I would post that here as it is kind of long:

2007 - Diagnosed with Cancer, I spend lots of months in Chemo and then have major "debulking" surgery towards the end of November.
2008 - We had moved to Colorado Springs and were getting settled in.
2009 - Cancer was back.
2010 - We moved into our first apartment in Houston. I was sick, a lot.
2011 - I was dropped from my insurance carrier, shortly after we had moved to a new apartment.

So, after five years of moving, being really sick, and being stressed out in some way, we aren't going to do that this year. We're house sitting for some friends, I have a shot next month, and then a PET scan the week after Thanksgiving. But we are going to take this Fall season slow.

I might have just gotten off the longest break I have had in three years when it comes to chemo, but this fall will be the longest break we have had in close to five years. We will see what happens. Thank you for the continued prayers. Please remember to thank God for the time and the life he HAS given me.

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