Thursday, November 8

Slow Climb

Recovery from this cold has been a slow climb back to where I was before. This trip to Colorado seems to boil down to nothing more than a trip to experience a really bad cold. Colorado, Fall, 2012, the trip to experience by parent's basement and a bad, bad cold.

In the future I think (no offense to you Dallas folks) we are going to avoid seeing people on the way North. Even if I encounter sick people at work I will at least get a few more days of being healthy here in COS than I had this time. So, my apologies to Dallas, but I like being not sick.

This next time around we are going to go back home a different route. It's more direct, and Google says it'll take an extra hour and a half, but we're going to see some new stuff and not the same stretch of road we have gotten kind of used to. (We were starting to find short-cuts on the route we normally travel... if that is any indication of how often we have driven from Houston to Colorado.)

Next week I am starting acupuncture in an attempt to get rid of the (large) doses of pain killer I take on a regular basis, and maybe even cut down on the anti-nausea drugs as well. (Who knows, I might be even be able to get rid of the Ritalin as well if my adrenaline gets up high enough at the thought of volunteering to get needles poked into me.) Seriously though, these needles don't need to inject anything or remove anything so they don't need to be big, so I'm not really all that concerned about it.

This Thanksgiving we are having Lisa's parent's down to visit us. I think perhaps this is going to be the first Thanksgiving with family since we moved away from Seattle four years ago. I am already working on cooking plans. It'll be nice to spend some time with family on a holiday generally reserved for family. (Which we generally go through by ourselves in Houston.) I hope you get to spend some time with your family sometime this upcoming holiday season. (Or the people you refer to as family...)

Thanks again for the continued support and prayers. I'll know more about my situation following Thanksgiving.

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